Tan Hien Paintings

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Hand-made: Handmade sterling silver jewelry
Product ID:: RO45TS
Brand: Reaching Out arts and crafts


Nguyễn Tấn Hiền was a university student in the city of Buon Me thuot, Vietnam, until the day a bus knocked him from his bicycle. He is now unable to walk and has only limited use of his hands and arms. Hien created these original pencil drawings and watercolor paintings while a patient at the Da Nang Rehabilitation-Sanatorium Hospital where he undergoes daily physical therapy and serves as a volunteer counselor for other disabled people.


Material: Canson Watercolour Paper & Acrylics
+ Width: 16 inches (40 cm) x Length: 23.5 inches (60cm).
Style: Hoi An Acient.
Can be a beautiful gift from Vietnam for you or to your loved ones.


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