Shell Ring

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Hand-made: Handmade Silver Jewelry
Product ID:: RO121TS
Brand: Reaching Out Arts & Crafts


The Ring is inspired by the Shell of a Snail. The Two different Surfaces give the Ring a simple yet elegant Look. One Side is polished, the other a rough textured surface. The Ring is adjustable to perfectly fit anyone.
Designed & Handmade by Reaching Out.


Material: Real 925 Sterling silver
+ Width: 0.7 inches (1.8cm) at the widest part
0.24 inches (0.6cm) at the smallest part
+ Diameter: Adjustable from 1.8 cm to 2.2 cm. It's means that if you do not "guess" your size, you can
Net Weight: 0.52 oz (14.71g)
Style: Delicate
Recipient: Girls, Women. Can be a beautiful handicraft that you want to bring back home from Vietnam.


Product Net Weight: 2.64 gram

Shipping Weight: 20gram

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