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“Yes, we can!” – the whole Reaching Out family in Hoi An

“Yes, we can!”
Reaching Out family in Hoi An

Reaching Out is a fair trade gift shop showcasing high quality handicrafts made by disAbled craftspeople in Vietnam.

Reaching Out (or Hòa Nhập in Vietnamese which means Integration) is an enterprise established in the year 2000 by a group of other-abled people led by Le Nguyen Binh, who is wheelchair user. This social business, operating according to Fair Trade principles is head quartered in beautiful Hoi An a World Heritage site on the Central Coast of Vietnam. Our retail shop is in one of the ancient buildings in the center of the old town, where we showcase the exquisite crafts made by other-abled artisans, either on-site in our workshop or perhaps in their homes or other workshops across many provinces of Vietnam.

Trinh, one of our hearing-impaired embroiderers, at work.

Trinh, one of our hearing-impaired
embroiderers, at work.

Our product line of unique gifts, not available elsewhere in Vietnam, represents both creative modern and traditional designs, techniques and materials. These inspired gifts appeal to the thousands of conscious travelers who visit Hoi An and to retailers worldwide through our online catalogue. By eliminating the “middleman” we are able to offer our creations at very competitive prices. Our training and support enable our producers to develop their often hidden talents, lead independent lives and support themselves and their families.

Reaching Out is a very worthwhile fair-trade gift shop started by a Vietnamese couple, one of whom is disabled. The shop employs disabled artisans, and proceeds are ploughed back into the business to train and employ the disabled all over Vietnam.
- Lonely Planet guidebook 2009 –
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